“Where are You, God?  Why did you let that happen? What were You thinking?”

I once heard myself say to God, “I know you’re Sovereign and all that, but really, what’s up with this????”

Are there times when things happen to you, your loved ones, or in the world that you just can’t seem to find your peace about in spite of your love for God and your belief in Jesus Christ?  

In this Coaching series or workshop, we examine what God has to say about himself and His intentions in the Word.  (Since He is the WORD, it’s probably right! Just sayin’).

What if you took a deep dive into this core value, believed that his nature and character is all GOOD and proceeded to make all of your choices on that basis? What if, like Christ, you consciously did what you saw the Father doing? What if you spent time everyday declaring these truths about Him over your life?  This workshop or coaching series is absolutely life-changing! 

All coaching is provided via Zoom video-chat.