Have your dreams been imprisoned by Education, Experience, Fear of Rejection or a lie that you are believing about God’s heart for you?


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“ . . . we must realize that creativity, imagination and real learning are never cultivated in crowds. We also have to recognize that there are no permanent “arrivals” or plateaus in this life. Either we are growing, expanding and developing, or we are declining, growing stagnant and petrifying. No matter how much you have seen, experienced and learned, there is always more, always a new frontier that requires courage to explore. If you stop living on this edge of continuous growth and expansion, you risk cutting yourself off from your potential in God.”  – Kris Vallotan

The Journey Coaching series or Workshop is based on my book, The Journey.  The core thoughts of the book and the workshop include: 

  • To spend or give some money I need to have some money…

  • To give some joy I have to have some joy…

  • To live abundantly, I have to think abundantly

  • To think abundantly, I must be willing to DREAM WITH GOD!

While the book focuses on much of my personal and professional journey over time, it is filled with wisdom for re-tooling and filling your own backpack for a prosperous journey!

All coaching is provided via Zoom video-chat.