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My Keto Story

In December, 2019 my true-blue friend Elizabeth called and asked if I would join her in trying the Ketogenic Living eating plan.  This was a no-brainer for me since Liz and I have traveled the globe learning and using different ways of preparing and eating food including Raw Food, Vegan and Vegetarian.  Liz is smart, so she relied upon me and my tendency to go overboard doing all the research, buying all the best supplies, re-ordering my kitchen and finding every trick and recipe to make this new food venture fun and rewarding.  This venture proved to be life-changing for me on the heels of losing my precious husband!

After the first two weeks I had lost seven pounds.  But that was not the most remarkable thing for me.  My capacity to think, focus and remember even the remotest details was absolutely astounding along with a new level of boundless energy and the return of creativity!  My prayer life received a new boost, many friendships were revived and my family has been blessed. 

For me, Ketogenic Lifestyle also gave me a strategy to share with all of my friends in and outside my age group for the common complaints of fatigue, forgetfulness, insomnia, pain and stiffness, lack of concentration and the list goes on. 

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 So, what is Keto?

Maybe you already know a lot or a little about the Ketogenic Lifestyle, either way when you try it, you are in for lots of success! Why? Because doing this is just not hard! Here are some of the responses you may get when you tell folks what you are doing...Wait, so is it Atkins? So, is it like Paleo? OMGosh, it’s the bacon and butter diet and you're going to die of a heart attack!

Ketosis, or “keto", is a natural state for the body in which it becomes almost completely fueled by fat through eating a ketogenic diet: low carb, moderate protein, and lots of healthy fats. 

Have you decided you are READY to radically experience a sustainable healthy lifestyle?

There are three (3) options available with lots of add-ons for you to choose from!

This course is for those who are self-starters. It includes week-by-week online coaching that will take you from zero to Keto in just 7 weeks. Click button to learn more.

Online group style coaching program where you will receive a full fitness and nutrition lifestyle makeover, plus the Ketogenic Living 101 Program Guide, packed with tips, recipes and a step-by-step plan for your new keto lifestyle! Click button for full program details and next program availability.

Our most personal private coaching package available. A weekend immersion into all things Keto at the beautiful Selah Retreat House. Click button to learn more.

My greatest incentive is this, so pay attention! 



Three generations of my closest family have experienced Dementia!  2 Aunts, 1 Sister, my Dad, and 1 Grandmother died without the joy of recognizing their loved ones.  I immediately began to research what I was experiencing and found a lot of scientific evidence to support this lifestyle’s relationship to mental acuity and positive brain effects.  In addition, a friend of mine even called me to say he had lost weight and his physician had discontinued all of his drugs for high blood pressure and Diabetes Type 2.  My friend Moriah told me about her father losing 86 pounds in less than a year and turning into an athletic monster!  Further research revealed that this eating style is known to influence cancers as it takes away the preferred food of cancer cells – SUGAR, and slowing down their growth.

So, I’m loving the weight loss, too. But more than that, I find this such a radical solution, I have become a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach and expert in this lifestyle. Notice that I don’t call it a DIET. It is a commitment to honoring my body temple and helping myself to co-labor with God with a clear mind, health and energy while experiencing Prosperity in my body! This is what I wish for my family and you too!


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